About us

Openous Forms : Meet the Team

Openous Forms has been designed by a team of professionals with long experience in the collaboration, workflows and forms services area, all built based on Microsoft Technologies.
With a key focus on Maritime, Openous Forms will enable efficiency across several departments that today struggle with processes that take too long, are not done in a cost efficient way and do not produce accurate results.

The team consists of individuals that have certifications around Microsoft Technologies, the company is a Gold Microsoft partner and has been in the market for more than fifteen years.

As the Maritime evolves continuously following Technology trends, Openous Forms people are always on the search to find ways to better address their market by developing new set of products and services or by evolving current ones, always available onto the Cloud or on Premise.


Openous Forms Team is part of the greater BPC | Best Practice Consulting team of experts on several Microsoft Technologies.

With a vision to automate office tasks and reduce time spent on processes still done manually today, we invest in modern technological platforms to provide niche services mainly to the maritime. The maritime is an industry that we have been following for years and on which a large customer base has been built with different products, from Crew Scheduling to Vessel Forms and others. However, in order to remain competitive we always seek for new ways to address this market and help shipping companies automate some of their main office operations.

BPC | Best Practice Consulting is a Gold Microsoft Partner in Application Development and Silver on Cloud Platform.